Friday, June 1, 2012

End of the year reflection

This year has been great. I really liked being with the animals and having a lot of them. If we had not had this year, we would not have been able to see goats being born. Also, we wouldn't have so many animals or get to spend as much time with them. We wouldn't have the ducks or 10 goats.

Another thing I really liked was going on really cool trips. We have gone to Thailand, Southern California, Boston, New York, and more.  That was really cool. There is no way we could do that at school.

Time is also is nice. This year we had a lot of time for crafts.  I have sewn, drawn, and knitted.

This year we have made friends, too.  Some of them include Lydia, Shannon, Ruthy, Caleb, Torri, Mackenzie, and Naya.

Sometimes though, this year was sad.  Some examples of bad times were: Rosie Killing chickens and missing our friends.

Over all, this year has been great.  This has been a year of travel, animals, time, and fun.


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