Friday, June 1, 2012

End of the year homeschool reflection

I think that this homeschool year was special because it gave me opportunities that I otherwise wouldn't get. We got to keep our goats, get more chickens, and have ducks. We traveled to 3 national parks, Thailand, NY, Boston, Providence, and many more places.  Grace and I have met nearly 10 friends here.   Also, our family has spent much more time together.

This year has effected my life in some very good ways. I have learned how to care for the animals in more efficient ways, how sweet ducks are, and more advanced school related things.

Some of my favorite things about homeschooling: getting hours of free time and the right to decide what I do. Some days I only sew and do crafts or read all day. And as I have stated in almost every sentence I love having the animals.

 Sophia and Grace receiving their end of the year report cards.

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