Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MISSING: Rosie's ear

Last night part of Rosie's ear was torn off by our neighbor's dogs. Now it is our job to doctor her.
Poor Bobie!
Yesterday Papa asked Eli to walk Caleb up to his house. Then he added: "Bring Rosie, too." So off they went. About 2 minutes later, I went up to do the animals. As I got up to the hill, I heard snarls and barking. I assumed that Rosie and Caleb's dogs got in a fight. The fights between our neighbor's dogs and Rosie were seldom bad, so I kept doing the animals. But later Sophia came to me with tears in her eyes. She said the neighbor's dogs had ripped off some of Rosie's left ear! We bandaged it up and put her in the shed so the wound would not got infected.
[Editor's note: Though she lost about a square inch or so of ear, Rosie is doing fine.]

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  1. Hey all! We found the missing flap today (the next day) in our neighbor's yard! I'll post a picture of it.