Monday, December 5, 2011

Eli's Thailand Essay

Eli Stewart

Great Experiences

            Last week we were in Thailand. There were lots of things to see and do in Thailand: snorkeling, great food, beautiful island formations, Hongs (Hong means room in Thai) and many other things. Of these things the most exciting experiences were with animals.
            By far the best experience I had was feeding a baby tiger. We were at a show called “Fantasea”. Fantasea is a mix between a circus and a Thai version of Disneyland. On the way into the show there was a booth were you could pet and feed a baby tiger, then you could buy a photo of yourself for about $30. This was really exiting because I’ve been fascinated by tigers since I was a little kid.
            Another thing I did in Thailand is a classic tourist activity: riding elephants. The elephants we rode were Asian elephants and weren’t as big as the ones you see in the zoo. While we rode, the driver let me come down and sit on the elephant’s neck. We went on a long hike through the jungle on its back. Along the way, we saw lots of rubber trees collecting rubber. Later, at Fantasea we saw two very friendly baby elephants. The next day, we saw another baby elephant getting taken on a walk down the beach. As with the tiger, all these elephant experiences were extremely memorable.
Throughout the trip we also had many interactions with monkeys. The first pair of monkeys we saw was very polite and watched us as we watched them. The next family of monkeys wasn’t as polite. They were very bold and would sit on you and accept food. If they didn’t get food though they got mean and one pulled my hair. The final troop of monkeys we encountered was very aggressive and would attack you for food. These episodes with monkeys both good and bad were very interesting.
These were just some of the great things I did with animals in Thailand. Probably the best thing I left out was how I swam with a turtle. All of the best experiences I had involved animals. I have realized this is often true in the rest of my life as well.

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  1. Eli,
    Thoughtful essay. I like how you were able to relate to your whole life some, too. I would have liked more about the turtle.

    Great presentation, well organized, and all on time, as well.