Monday, December 5, 2011

Last Week at the Stewyurt

Last week we returned to our "regular" schedule.  A big part of our schooling last week was writing five paragraph essays.  I asked each of the kids to come up with a theme related to their observations and/or experiences in Thailand.  The posts that follow this one are their final drafts of those essays.  The girls' essays are photographs which can be enlarged by clicking them (if you read on the blog site).  Please consider posting a comment regarding the essays on the blog itself.  [Note: Posting a comment can be tricky.  If you choose "Anonymous" as your ID, this seems to work--just sign your name in the text of the comment.  Clearing your browser's cache sometimes helps also.]

Since the kids were busy writing their essays, they did not have time to blog.  (You will get some from them this week...  Spoiler alert!  Look for some discussion of how Rosie lost part of her ear).

Since we are short on written descriptions, here is some more of what went down last week in and around the Stewyurt:
 Eli made cookies from scratch for our neighbors and us.  Note pertaining to shirt: Eli and the rest of us are planning to see a Red Sox game at Fenway Park in May (though let the record show that he is a Giants fan).

 Sophia learned about electrical circuits (as did the other kids).

 Grace made a puppet for a show she will be doing about the the western trail.  She also harvested the rest of her pumpkins.

 Sophia is showed off where the kids take their music lessons.

 We solicited donations at the grocery store for holiday food baskets.

 We also collected donations as bell-ringers for the Salvation Army, but I don't have a photo of that so here is the bucket we collected the food donations in.

Sophia made a puppet, too.


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