Monday, August 22, 2011

Today we saw a rattlesnake. It was in some tall grass and Rosie was running around it barking at it. I went over to check it out and I didn't see it until I was pretty much right on top of it. It was hissing and rattling . I turned and sprinted to the house and told my mom. my dad came out and didn't know if he should kill it or not. we called animal control to see what we should do. They said we should kill it. my dad went out to kill it but it was gone.

(Top photo of our rattlesnake--bottom photo is from the internet)


  1. Eli, Your reaction to this was awesome: "Oh my God! Oh my God!" And I didn't realize you could move that fast :).

    P.S. Don't forget to proofread your posts.

  2. My experience with a Rattler was similar when I lived in Placerville. I saw it, went to get help and when the kids dad arrived with the shotgun, the snake was gone. But I did get a lesson on how to shoot the gun after that in case I was home alone with the kids! Another time we had a nest of baby rattlers and the snake man came to get them from us. Hope this may be your last experience of such a great creature!