Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today is sweet

Hello again

Eli is playing Hawaii 5-0 on the deck on his trumpet.

Some beets came in from the garden today, and Joey let me dye his hair purple.

Grace is making Thai cucumber salad for our homeschool acquaintances who are coming from Cool with their boys Oliver and Jordan. I started to feel uptight about the mess, and then realized they probably live like we do, kind of messy. So instead of cleaning, or cooking, I'm doing this.

It was deliciously cool last night with all the windows open. I didn't have to wander in to sleep on the couch in the main room. It was a morning for slippers.

I think I've told some of you that my parents are in Indonesia now on their boat. I miss them, though we are able to skype, and e-mail pretty regularly. They've always had a sailboat, and when Gretchen and I were little, they made a plan to take a year off to travel by water. I liked trips on the boat, and I loved my parents, but I worried I'd get behind in school. I was about Eli's age. I think I may have discouraged them from doing something they always wanted to do.
When I remember it now, I think it would likely have been a neat experience.

I'm pleased they are having their adventure now (and for the last 5 or 6 years!)
And it makes me feel better about pulling the kids away from the life they were enjoying, and may miss a little. We will meet my parents in Thailand in November and live aboard with them for 3 weeks.

Books I'm reading now: Ultramarathon Man, Sandra Dodd's Big book of Unschooling, and A Thomas Jefferson Education.

I've been thinking about exercising again, and about how learning happens.

The new chicks stated laying tiny eggs this week. We added a second nest box for them.

Opal, so ridiculously full of kids she can't possibly make it to her due date (9/21) is behaving strangely. She is humping the other goat girls. We think maybe that means baby bucklings? Are their hormones masculinizing her? I hope we can be with her for the births.

It feels time to start some sweet peas.

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