Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Stewyurt has SOLD

We found it a dream, a dream come true!  It was torn asunder yet so beautiful and inviting.

Then we built our dream.  We left it as it was and loved it back to health.

We raised our children here.  It was home, and home away from home.

Now the kids are getting busier and starting to move away.  I get to return to my heart place together with Juliana as we follow our dreams to the valleys of West Marin.

Someone else gets to love the yurt and its land and leave his mark; add to the history of Sailors Ravine.  He told me: "I can't believe this is all here," and "It just keeps getting better!"  True.  Enjoy the place, Mike.  I think you will be able to more than we have the past couple of years.
Still, the yurt, that land, the creek, the times there together will always be a part of us.

I found myself living in a yurt.  You may have wondered what I did there.  I told you, because I like to share.

Goodbye, Stewyurt.  May you be a shelter to all who walk through your door.  Thank you for being that and so much more for us.