Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do you miss us?

If you are reading this, it is quite likely you have seen us more since you have read about us less. 

It has been almost two months since we have had the time, access, and inclination to write.  Tomorrow I go back to school to work on my classroom.  That seems like finality in relation to our special year.  Back to regular life.  It's not bad.  But it is less blog-worthy.  So, before it gets normal,  one final(?) blog entry.

The first month since we wrote was mostly about moving.  Some other cool stuff went on, too.  Then we got Eli out of camp (a month of fun and socializing that he loved) and headed north.  While the trip was a vacation, it also had a flavor of our winter southwest homeschool sojurn: we were together, seeing new places, learning, packed in a car.  Rosie came along too--all of us in the Prius for over 2000 miles (we managed nearly 50 mpg, which was nice). 

We saw friends in Arcata, Portland, and Seattle, visited Victoria and Olympic National Park.  The focus was ten days with my parents at Hornby Island in Canada.  It is a beautiful place that is part nature preserve, part intentional community, part resort, part relaxing getaway, part artistic hub, part hermit enclave.  There was lots to do and lots of not doing.

Juliana and I dreamed while we were there.  As we return to our "old life" and with the perspective of our past year, we've been feeling thoughtful.  We want to have space to grow things, be near the people we love, find inspiring work, educate and support others, be close to the land, live sustainably, nurture our children.  It is exciting to think about how these dreams will continue to take shape in the years to come.

On our way back from Canada, we stopped in Auburn to harvest some vegetables from Juliana's garden and say hi to the goats (they are staying with neighbors in Auburn until we are able to bring them home next weekend).  Hasn't she done an amazing job?

The kids are glad to be home.

Thank you for following our lives this year.  Your interest and feedback have fortified and inspired us.


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